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NAG Referral Program

Refer your Friends & Family and Earn Money

It's tough out there - almost everyone could use a little extra cash. Refer your friends and family to us for an insurance quote and not only will they get great service but you can get paid. Its a win-win. 

Having to get insurance isn't fun or exciting but we still need to do it. So wouldn't it be nice if someone took the whole insurance buying process off your plate and just worked as your ally? That's where we come in.


National Advisors Group wants to change insurance shopping for the better. Most companies force you online to click on boxes and make choices you don't understand - not us. We created a hybrid approach that simplifies the process but doesn't require you to be an insurance expert. Sure you might save a few bucks but if you don't choose the right coverage you could lose thousands when you file a claim. Over 60% of homeowners in the US are underinsured. We want to understand your needs and put together a package specifically for you. We do all of the work. Give us a little information and we come back with recommendations and options specific to your needs. 

We are licensed in all 50 states, our advisors are all seasoned experts and we want our customers for life so you'll get a great experience from us. 

So earn some cash and feel great that you are helping the people you know effectively manage risk, protect themselves and their families.  

How the program works:

Professional Handshake

Agree to the program terms and enroll.

Decide which friends and family to refer and send us their contact information.

Cute Girl

We contact your referrals and ask them if they want a quote.

If they agree to quote you get paid.

Dollar Bills

Referral Program Terms & Conditions

Referrer must be 18 or older to participate and Referred clients must be 21 or over with a valid email address. $25 will be paid per referral for each unique client who receives a quote. You cannot refer yourself or your spouse. Referrals must be known by you (friends, family, acquaintances or business associates.) We will let all referrals know how we received their contact information. Only valid for clients with primary address in the following states - CT, CO, DE, GA, IL, MD, NJ, NY, OH, PA, TX & VA. Maximum of 22 paid referrals per year. We will accept more than 22 but you will not be paid. Referrals will be paid monthly via giftcard. You will be responsible to report any income or pay any taxes related to referral fees that are paid. The program may be discontinued at any time.

Ready? Let's do this! Enroll in the program below.